Top 7 Eyebrow Mistakes We All Make

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

We all long for those "perfect" full brows not knowing that the everyday things we do are pushing us further away from achieving them. 

Stop searching the web in envy of celebs brows thinking you can't get them yourself, it is possible! 

A lot of us make mistakes with our brows; over plucking, filling them in too harsh, etc.. here are a few things you should definitely STOP and things to do instead if you want those beautiful natural looking brows.

1. Thinking your brows should match;

 You've probably heard this a million times: "eyebrows are sisters, not twins" That's right. Don’t try to make them match otherwise you'll just be going round in a vicious circle.

2. Plucking every day;  
Plucking everyday is not good as you aren't letting your brows grow properly. You should let your brows grow to their full capacity and invest in getting a professional to give shape to your brow and preferably a shape that you can maintain at home.

3. Plucking before a shower; 
Always pluck after a hot shower or bath. Heat + moisture = hairs easily and painlessly being plucked out.

4. Misplacing your arch; 
If the arch of your brow is wrong it can seriously date you. To find where your arch should be, angle the pencil/brush from the tip of your nose through the iris of your eye (look straight on). This is where your arch should be.

5. Plucking too close to the mirror; 
If you pluck too close to the mirror you find yourself looking at every hair in front of you rather than looking at the overall shape of your eyebrows. This can leave you with thin and/or uneven brows. Instead use a large mirror and step back so you can see your whole face, not just your brows.

6. Filling in with the wrong shade; 
Whether you get your brows tinted or enhance them yourself with makeup, follow this color code; fair hair color, go for a shade or two darker than your hair color. If your a dark haired girl, go a shade or two lighter. 
No matter what your colourings - NEVER use black.

7. Being heavy-handed with your brow makeup; 
 Less is more when it comes to makeup, most definitely brows. Use a very sharp pencil to feather and mimic the brow hairs for the most natural look. Or go in with a brow powder for even softer brows. 
Eyebrows shouldn’t stand out but effortlessly frame your face.

And there we have it, simple things to stop doing in order to achieve the brows you've always wanted

Until next time, bye guys!

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