£10 Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Dupe

Sunday, 8 June 2014

I wanted to do a mini little post today. I like to help out you guys in finding the best, most affordable things as we all know everything is so damn expensive !!
So, why not talk about a brand new dupe I have discovered?

Chanel Chance is one of my fave perfumes but it can get fairly expensive repurchasing it over and over again. I heard about a dupe going around for a while but just not got round to smelling it in store.. clearly by this point you'd have realized I ended up popping in to store, smelt it and immediately purchased it. At the price of £10 how could I not. The dupe is by Zara, the Apple Juice perfume.

It pretty much smells exact, its weird. You honestly wouldn't know the difference. You get a 100ml bottle for a tenner.. who'd say no?

I love the simplicity of this bottle, very sophisticated.

Take a trip to your nearest Zara and have a smell, you'll thank me!

I wish you all a lovely weekend.

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