How To Pack Makeup For Travelling

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The holiday season is approaching, with that travelling comes and a lot of it. So packing is in order too

Makeup can be the worst as you kinda need to limit the things to take, you don't want to be lugging around 20 different lipsticks and tonnes of eye shadows.

1. Only take the things you need
This one seems really obvious. You'd be surprised how often people take too many things with them. Put away that lipstick shade you just won't wear and stick with the ones you will. Think back to basics and take only what you will use. 

2. Plan Ahead
What I tend to do is plan way before I'll be going away, that's everything, not just makeup. Plan your outfits, that way you will have a rough idea of what makeup look you will be wearing along with that. This is a great way to limit the things you take.

3. Take Multi-Use Products
I love a product that can do more than one job. Try and find products that can double up as something else. For example, Elizabeth Eight Hour Cream is fantastic, it can be used anywhere and everywhere, as a lip balm, cuticle cream, brow tamer, as well as being mixed with lipstick to make a tinted lip balm. Better to take 1 product rather than 4, right?

4. Palettes
Taking palettes is a must, they can save so much space in your makeup bag as they are slim and compact with everything in there. From the usual eye shadow palette to a palette that includes a bronzer, highlighter concealer and blush. You can find a palette to meet your needs. 

The Z palette is great to make your own custom made palette as the magnetic base helps various different eyeshadows/blushes/highlighers attach to it.

5. Pick The Right Bag
Make up organizers are great to have whilst travelling, much more beneficial than a normal makeup bag. Organizer bags have separate compartments for the different makeup pieces you'll be filling it with. They keep everything organised as the name would suggest. It's also great as on the go your things are easy to find.
A great example of a makeup organizer.

A few simple tips to keep in mind when packing your makeup items it will make things a whole lot easier when you are on the go.

I hope this helped!

Enjoy your travels.