Sleek Lipstick in Mulberry | Review

Thursday, 21 August 2014

This is the first lipstick from Sleek Makeup I have got, I have been eyeing up this shade for a while and every time I go to buy it it's not in stock. I finally managed to pick it up in my local Superdrug store recently. It screams fall to me and since the season is around the corner I really had to grab myself one. I really adore deep berry lipsticks, I think they compliment many skin tones. They can be quite scary to wear so if you are a little scared I have a little tip | Wear it indoors when no one is around!! This will get you used to seeing yourself wearing daring lipsticks.. it won't seem as bad wearing them out, I promise you!

Onto the review.. Mulberry looks super scary in the bullet itself but when on the lips it's undeniably beautiful! It's a really creamy formula and gives a tiny gloss to the lips. This is great if you want a dark berry lip but just don't like matte! 

If you like matte and like this shade a great way to get it matte is to apply a coat of lipstick, place your lips on tissue and press on lightly to remove excess, then apply another layer of lipstick & over your lips put a tissue, use loose powder over the tissue & ta-dah! you have a matte berry lipstick.

It lasts really well and gives fantastic color pay off. It's really true to the color. The only downside is the packaging, first thing I thought when I saw this "It looks really small and chubby" haha! I know packaging isn't really a big deal to some but I like packaging to look cute! However, I can let that slide because the product inside is amazing! 

You can find this in your local Superdrug store or online

I can't believe these lipsticks by Sleek are only £5! I will definitely be picking up a few more of the shades that they do

What do you think of the Sleek True Color Lipstick?
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