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Thursday, 13 November 2014

I am obsessed with skincare. I love trying different products to better my skin. I have recently began a new routine as I wasn't really happy with parts of my routine before. I felt the products I was using really weren't making a difference in the appearance of my skin, in fact it seems like they made it look worse. I researched a lot online on what products are best for my skin type. After all the searching and reading of reviews I finally decided on a new moisturizer and face wash. The products I decided on are from the Clinique Dramatically Different line, the Gel Moisturizer & Foam Face Wash.

I can't go a day without washing my face... even if i'm not wearing makeup I wash my face morning and night. I just like my face to be clean... not weird right?! The face wash I was using was great, I used it for years (Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2in1 Mask/Wash) but sometimes I found it a little bit of effort to wash with? I can't really explain it, I wanted something quick and effective and this is where my sparkling new Clinique Face Wash comes in. It's so easy to use, I look forward to using it as weird as that may sound, because I've seen such a massive difference I enjoy using it. It's a clear liquid which you lather between your palms and apply onto your make-up free face. I have been using it for around 3 weeks now and I can tell you after the first week I saw a massive difference, the blemishes I had on my face had disappeared, my face felt softer and appeared brighter. 

  The Clinique Moisturizing Gel is the next product I am now obsessed with. I liked the idea of using a gel formula for my moisturizer as I find it would moisturize enough without leaving a greasy residue on my skin. This moisturizer from first use made my skin feel so soft, I automatically loved it. It has a handy little pump and I find that two pumps of this is enough to cover the whole of my face and down on to my neck. It absorbs really quick so your not left with a shiny looking face. I use this morning and night after washing my face and applying my serum (Kiehls Midnight Recovery). I think this and the face wash have worked amazingly together, I don't know what is in these products but they have changed my life! .. not dramatic at all. I will definitley continue to use these products from now on, I can't see me changing any time soon.

Have you tried Clinique?
What products do you swear by?

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  1. I love the moisturiser too, however I use the lotion and its a must in my morning routine. I love their anti blemish solution, even though its a tad drying. I have also been testing out their new serum but cant decide if its worth the price. Great post!
    Rachill //