Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad - Orchid Haze

Sunday, 25 January 2015


An eyeshadow palette that comes in a brown suede pouch screams luxury. 

Whilst taking out this palette from it's little home I squeeled, something I thought was in my head seemed to just blurt out louder than ever expected. 

Looking at the packaging which can I just say is as perfect as you can get a makeup item to look, gave me great happiness. I adore the embossed Tom Ford on the very front of the palette it makes it look so sleek. I mean pulling this out you'd get everyone feeling envious.

This palette is me, if I was a palette it would be this one 100%. Each shade is perfect and ones that I would actually wear. You know when you get a palette and theres always that one shade you just really would not wear, yeah well this palette hasn't got that. It seriously has the perfect pick of shades.

Orchid Haze is the name and I totally see why. The shades all have a very rosey hue to them. Each of the shades have a slight shimmer, it's so beautiful that it's quite hard to keep your eyes off them. Applying them is a dream, they are so buttery soft I have never felt anything like it, blending them requires minimal effort and each time you get a flawless finish. It's a joy to apply such spectacular eyeshadows on to my eyeballs, I get a weird sensation I just can't explain.  TMI? .. oh hell. You can get sheer amount of colour on your lids with these or build them up to create a more intense colour and to give that wow factor to your eyes. 

You get two applicators, one is sponge on both ends & they are different shaped, the second applicator has a fluffy blendy type brush end. I mean I'd use my own brushes as I'm used to using those and they'd give a better result but these are a little more better than the usual sponge applicators you get in eyeshadow palettes, I think I'll use them if I go travelling or if i'm not at home.

Overall, a really luxorious palette. If you are looking to spend more buck for an amazing palette then this is definitley the one.

Swatches left to right ;start from top left of the palette

PS.. makeup look coming very soon with this ah-mazing palette.

Have you got any Tom Ford makeup? Or longing on a particular product from the brand? I know I'm longing for the Eyeliner pen (Not quite sure of the name) But it's similar to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.

This palette retails for £63 and you can get it online here or at Selfridges.


  1. Such gorgeous shades! Too bad its so expensive!

    1. Literally the best eyeshadows ever, if theres ever a palette you need its one of these.

  2. I've never seen a palette more beautiful, these shades are right up my street! I just love each and every single on and of course Tom Ford is pure luxury x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Pretty palette, such beautiful shades. Great review!!!