Brand Focus | Essence

Thursday, 12 February 2015

I love discovering new brands, Essence is my most recent one. Its really really affordable and the products ive tried are really good, could I say really anymore?.. Whoops.

First up is the eyeshadow and lipstick I got on a whim. They're both super nice and at £4 for both, yes.. both equal four pounds, you can't go wrong.
The eyeshadow is totally up my street, It's a shimmery golden-y/bronze-y shade. Perfect for daytime or evening. It's really pigmented to say it cost only £1.60. Ridiculous price, I know.
The lipstick is obviously a nude. I love this, it's super creamy on the lips and gives a lovely colour payoff, I will admit it doesn't last as long as say Mac's Hue but theres a reason for that, pricing is waaay different so you would expect a differnce in the overall performance. I like the way the lipstick looks also, with the embossed 'e' it makes it look more expensive I find when really, its only £2.40.

Next up are the Long Lasting eye pencils. First of all they are roll up pencils so it means no sharpening is required, which lets be honest can be a pain. But my gosh the pigmentation of these little guys are great, super creamy to apply and it's true to the colour. The black is, JET. BLACK. PEOPLE. 
I got four shades, theres plenty more but I allowed myself only 4. 
Obviously a classic black liner, a must in any makeup bag in my eyes. I got a nice brown as I was looking for one anyway, really nice in the waterline for a more softer liner, it's not as bold as a black would be. A nudey type shade, really nice to brighten up the eyes and make you look more awake and finally a silver, I dont know when I will use this guy but when I swatched it I was like, yep you're coming with me. It looks so lovely I think I could use this as a cream shadow kinda thing, i'll let you know how I get on.

Here below you will find the swatches of the stuff I have talked about.
 Left to right ; Hot Chocolate (Brown), Black Fever, Ms Moneypenny (Nude), C'est La Vie (Silver), Party All Night 35 (Eyeshadow) and Nude Love NO11.


  1. Wow they are so pigmented! I've tried a few gems from essence, these look so great!

    1. They're really good, the eyeliners are great!

  2. The liners look great and Im interest to try the lipstick as well, I think its an underated brand x

    1. You should really try them both out, excellent quality for the price