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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Confession; I adore Maybelline mascaras. 

I have probably tried them all. I love each mascara I have tried from Maybelline for different reasons but this particular mascara blew my mind by the first use. It got me grabbing this over all my others. 

aaaand the mascara is... The Rocket Volum' Express!

This mascara definitely stood out to me. Its a fantastic if you are looking for volume, you definitely won't be short of this. I have very short, straight... basically non-existent lashes and I found this gave my lashes such a boost! It was insane. 

I use the waterproof version of any mascara I get, I find it no use me getting a normal formula as any and I mean ANY normal mascara after 2 seconds will weigh down my lashes and make them look poker straight. Anyone else have this problem?

Looking at the brush it is on the larger side, don't be scared though it's not too large to be poking your eyes out. The brush has lots of little bristles which catch on to each lash really well, this gives tonnes of volume. 

This mascara is not a very wet formula, it's more drier. When I say dry I don't mean flaking off your lashes dry, it's just right. This doesn't clump my lashes either, it being a volumising mascara I thought that it would.

My lashes stay put the entire day! I have never had a mascara that lasts so well and still looks great. I also tend to get oily eyelids so many mascara's, even waterproof can sometimes smudge which really isn't a good look. This mascara however doesn't, I don't look like a panda by the end of the day, result!

By far one of my favorite all time mascaras let alone drugstore!
Whats your favorite Drugstore or high end mascara? Let me know in the comments.

Heres some photos on how my lashes look with the mascara on;

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