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Monday, 19 May 2014

With tonnes of different beauty products out there it's hard to know what to get that actually works and whats worth your money. I have a few products that I thought would be great due to the claims but they didn't turn out so good, in fact the complete opposite.

Revlon - Photoready Cream Blush In Pinched

When I found these a few months back I thought they looked really nice, the color selection was a let down because there wasn't much choice. However, I let that go because the colors they had were really nice and because it was by Revlon I had high hopes. When I came to use it, it was a different story. This blush has a weird texture to start with, not like other cream blushes I have used. When you apply it to your skin it just doesn't really do much, the color is so sheer. I tried applying it with more denser brushes to see if that made any difference but no, it was the exact same. I was to say the least disappointed with Revlon on this! 

Garnier - Miracle Skin Perfector 'All In 1 BB'

I'm not really a fan of BB Creams to start with but I thought that I would give some a go and this was one of them.When applying this it doesn't cover much at all, and it seems to make your face appear very greasy looking, it's not a dewy look it's just greasy. It also seems to go very blotchy, basically the worst 'BB' cream I have tried, stay away!

Maybelline Illegal Length Fibre Extensions Mascara

I got this a few months back, the 3 for 2 offer in Boots always gets me! I needed a new mascara so I thought maybe this would be a good one. Little did I know it would be the complete opposite! It's probably the worst mascara I have used, to start off with the brush is not the best and the formula itself is far too wet, being so wet it weighs down your lashes rather than giving your lashes great length like the mascara would suggest. It did completely nothing for my lashes. Much better mascara's out there for the £8 pricetag.

L'Oreal Superliner Gel
My all time favorite Gel liner has got to be Maybelline Gel Liner, but since I used it up I felt like trying another drugstore gel liner to see what else was on the market, this is where L'Oreal Superliner came in. It's a nice gel liner the first few times using it, nothing groundbreaking but it done the job. However, after using it for a few weeks it drys out in the pot which means it gets harder to apply, it seemed to tug when applying and this means you can't draw a neat line no matter how hard you try. With this being L'Oreal I was quite disappointed.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick

I wanted to find a nice drugstore nude lipstick, I thought the Kate Moss line would be good. However, this lipstick is pretty bad. Its not a flattering color and it's very drying on the lips, it's not even one of those lipsticks that dry after a period of time, it's dry when first applying. I immediately had to take it off as I couldn't bare the way it felt on my lips, if your looking for a good nude I think going for a higher end brand would be a better way to go as you know your getting your moneys worth.

Phew, enough of the complaining. Have you found any products that were very talked about but really weren't all that? Let me know in the comments below!

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