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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Today I was a little experimental with my eye makeup, heres how I achieved this look.

I firstly started by priming my eyelids with urban decay primer potion and apply a white shadow on the whole lid. The white underneath the colors I will be applying next is just going to make them pop. 

Then I took a black eyeshadow and applied it as liner, I also winged it out. This is to create the shape, I'll be working from this. Apply on the lower lashline too.

Then I move on to the colors! I used a purple and gold shade for this as I feel these colors compliment each other. i start by outlining a 'V' shape on the outer part of my eye to create a winged eye, then fill it in with the dark purple. After that I apply a gold shade to the middle part of my eyelid, softening it out so it's not a solid color. You may experience some fall out whilst doing this as I did but not to worry. 

After that, apply a light purple shade onto the inner corner and blend the light purple into the crease, slightly above the gold it will create a gradient effect on the eye, keep blending and adding more color until you are happy.

You should end up with this after some blending and layering.

I finish up with applying Coral Bliss by MAC. It's a lovely soft lip and compliments the bold eyes well.

I hope you liked this look!
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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