Review - Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Monday, 12 May 2014

It's been just over 2 months since I got the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, I was quite late on the bandwagon really but since everyone was saying only good things about this product I just had to try it out for myself, I thought "It must be good if literally EVERYONE is talking about it". And I gotta say... I am so glad I bought it.

I wanted to find a serum that wasn't too expensive but that did the job. This is where Kiehls came to light. I love this brand, every product I have used up to now has been fantastic. This brand isn't too expensive like other skincare brands out there, but it's just as good!

Heres the back story of my skin...

My skin changes through the seasons, in summer time it's very oily due to the hot conditions and in the winter it goes to a more combination type, I get drier patches on my cheeks as the cold air drys out my skin. So I was quite hesitant to get Midnight Recovery as it is an oil and I have always had a more oily skin type.

Kiehls Claims
A few drops. Younger-looking skin by morning.
Replenishes skin with moisture (Don't let this freak you out if you have oily skin)
Helps to recover radiance by morning

Which to me is exactly what this does. By the first night I saw a difference in my skin, it looked brighter and clearer than the night before, felt alot softer and smoother too. So after the first time using MR it was a complete winner to me!

This is a very nice consistency, yes it's an oil but it's a dry oil. Which means it sinks into the skin beautifully and doesn't leave you with a grease ball face which, not gonna lie.. I was quite scared of! 

I use this every night but you don't have to, dependent on how oily your skin is then you can cut down the usage to around 3 times a week, you'd still see the same results as I was told by the lady at Kiehls.

It's very easy to get the product out of the glass bottle as it has a dropper and a plastic squeeze top, this way you know you wont be wasting product you can just squeeze out as much as you need to, also just to point out, as all serums.. you really don't need to overload on how much you apply, a little drop of this is more than enough to distribute all over your face.

Make sure you use this on a freshly washed face and use moisturizer and eye cream of your choice after to lock in the serum.

This serum costs £36 for a 30ml bottle, which I think is a great price for a serum of such high quality. You can get them online or in stores at House of Fraser or Space NK.

I can't wait to try more products from Kiehls, it's fast becoming one of my favorite Skin care brands. 

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