10 Ways To Include Vaseline In Your Beauty Routine

Monday, 12 May 2014

Did you know there are tons of different uses for 
Vaseline than a plain old lip balm ?
Here are some of my favorites

DIY Lip Scrub-  
Simple one, mix Vaseline with some sugar and you have your self a very lovely Lip Scrub.

Makeup Remover- 
Vaseline is great for removing makeup very simply apply some on your eyes and massage it in, don't use too much as it can get into the eye and cause irritation.

Hair Dye Protector- 
If you dye your hair at home be sure to apply some Vaseline to your hair line to prevent any hair dye staining your skin.

Skin Softener- 
If you have any dry areas such as dry feet or hands simply apply Vaseline before you go bed and put on some socks or mittens & wake up with baby soft skin!

Chafing healer-  
Protect your nose from chafing during a cold or chilly weather by applying a dab of Vaseline.

Apply a tiny dab of Vaseline to the top of your cheekbones for a pretty, radiant sheen.  It can also be used to help you achieve the “wet” eye makeup look that was all over fall runways.
Powder to Cream?!- 
Turn any powder eyeshadows or blushes to cream by mixing them with a bit of Vaseline. Use your concoction as a tinted lip balm that will keep your lips smooth and hydrated.

Cuticle protector- 
Keep your cuticles soft and moisturized by massaging Vaseline into them.  If you do this before nail polish application, it will also keep your nail polish from getting on your cuticles!

Smooth flyaways- 
If you’re going for a super-sleek pony, use a tinybit of Vaseline to smooth and tame any flyways.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

Make your perfume last- 
Apply a bit of Vaseline to your pulse points to make your perfume last longer.

Have you ever tried any of these? How do you use Vaseline in your beauty routine?
Share with me in the comments!

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