Super Easy Winged Liner

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Eyeliner is probably one of the hardest parts of make up, if done wrong it can look pretty damn awful! We have all been through the awful phase where one eye tends to be nicer than the other. 
It gets easier, trust me!! 
I used to be the worst at doing eyeliner, but after a few years of trying I think I may have finally got the hang of it!

Start off by doing the rest of your makeup.. the whole lot! If you are going for a look with eye shadow then apply before doing your eyeliner.

I get my liner brush and this brush I got whilst I was at college studying Media Make Up. It's from Vizage and I got it at make up stall.. No word of a lie it's probably the best £1 I have ever spent. When I bought this I thought that it would be pretty rubbish since it was a pound I wasn't expecting much...lets just say I will NEVER JUDGE again. 
This brush is fantastic, its not too thin nor too thick. May I say it's the "Perfect" Eyeliner brush? 

 I start by doing the inner part of my eye, I think this is the best place to start. Some people start on the outer edge some in the middle.. I guess it's personal preference but I have found the inner part of the eye to be the easiest as you can follow the line along the lid.

I go on to do small strokes along the lid, keeping it all the same thickness. You can adjust the thickness on the outer part to your liking but for me I like to keep it all the same. Once I reach the end of my eye I will begin with the wing.
Sounds like i'm about to fly off somewhere... I do wish!

I have tried many different techniques on how to achieve it the easiest way and what I do is follow my bottom lash line. "What is she on about?" I hear you ask... 
What I mean by that is basically to draw a line where your bottom lash line would continue on if it could?! Here's a picture to show you what I mean since it's a pretty hard thing to explain...

Round of applause for my completely RUBBISH explaining skills...

Then all I do is join up the very end with the rest of the liner, to make a triangle

Fill the triangle in and you are complete!

& That is your eyeliner... complete?!

Super simple, yet you have a liner that looks like you spent all your time trying to perfect it when really.. we both know you haven't.

Until next time, 
Bye Guys!

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