Inglot Freedom System Palette- Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Saturday, 5 July 2014

I was so excited to know I'd finally be able to get my hands on the Inglot Freedom System Palette. I have always thought they looked like a really great alternative for MAC Pro Palettes! I wasn't wrong.. I think I may like them even more. Due to the cool packaging and awesome colors I am totally in love. 

I'm going to talk through them for you guys, give you swatches and my honest reviews.

As you will notice with the two palettes, I have opted for different shades rather than the usual neutral tones. I do have a standard matte black,brown,white and grey though as these shades you will always need, also I wanted to see what these shades would be like pigmentation wise. Also since I have plenty of neutral palettes I didn't want to go for the exact same all over again. This first palette is a range of different colors, they are all gorgeous and have fantastic color pay off..

Shade 63 - This first shade is a matte black, which I adore. You always need a good matte black in your collection and this one is perfect. The color pay off is actually black!! (Take notes Mac).. the first swipe of color is so intense and rich I couldn't believe my eyes! If you on the search for a matte black then this is definitely one for you.

Shade 329 - Next is a matte brown shade, this is another win for me. It's very pigmented, you don't have to worry that you'll be short of color because this sure does show up amazingly!

Shade 348 - Grey eyeshadow is a must for me, I do love the effect it gives on the eyes so I was looking for a nice grey in the Inglot collection and this one caught my eye immediately, great pigmentation and blends seamlessly onto the eyes.

Shade 340 - Next up is a really gorgeous matte forest green shade. I don't own a shade like this so I was really excited when I found this! It's really intense and looks lovely on brown eyes, makes them stand out a lot.

Shade 426 - Finally on the top row is a gorgeous pearl blue shade, it's such a nice shade, every time I go to pick a palette I see this shade and I fall in love. It looks really nice on the eyes and gives a gorgeous pop of color.

Here are the swatches below!

left to right; 63, 329, 348, 340, 426.

Onto the bottom row;

Shade 318 - First on the bottom row is a matte white shade. This a really great white, it comes up really pigmented and is not chalky at all.

Shade 29 - Next is a shimmery pale pink shade which looks really beautiful on the eyes, it shows up just like in the pan. Looks great when you move as it catches the light and gives a lovely effect.

Shade 46 - The next shade is very similar but leans more on the peachy side rather than pink. Also catches the light really nicely. When you move it does give of a pinky hue which I really love!

Shade 493 - I've been loving the purple shades in the Inglot collection so I did get quite a lot of different ones. This is a light lilac-y shade with slight shimmer. It looks lovely paired with darker shades to give an ombre-d effect on the eyes.

Shade 325 - The last one in this palette is a matte medium toned purple. This shade looks darker in the pan, when you swatch it, it does come up lighter but I don't mind this. The shade would look lovely blended in the crease with the lighter purple next to it. The color pay off is fantastic as all the others, too. 

Here are the swatches

Left to right ; 318, 29, 46, 493, 325

Onto my favorite of the two palettes ..

The top row consists of a range of shimmery shades;

Shade 391 - This is another matte black, its not the same number as the other I have, however its the same when it comes to the pigmentation and quality.

Shade 446 - This is a shimmer dark purple, looks beautiful when you move as it shows hues of lighter purples within the shade which looks super pretty.

Shade 71 - This is another purple shade but it comes up a lot more sheer than the others. It has silver specks of glitter throughout and it's build-able so you can choose the intensity level really easily, you don't have to worry of too much color on your eyes.

Shade 40 - This is a mauve shade with silver and golden shimmer within it. It's one of my favorites in this palette. I can see my self getting a lot of wear from it. It's not too intense, gives off the perfect amount of color.

Shade 487 - This is also a mauve type shade but slightly lighter and with less shimmer than shade 40. This one has only gold shimmer which makes it a more warmer mauve shade. 

Here are the swatches 
Left to right; 391, 446, 71, 40, 487
The bottom row are all different shimmer shades, I adore these shades especially.

Shade 607 - This shade is one I've never had. It's like a brick red color. It also has slight silver and orange pearl shades within it which softens the red ever so slightly.

Shade 449 - This shade is another red but in this red shade it has slight pink hues. The pink within this mutes the red down abit. We all know red colors look really odd on the eyes, it can make them look bruised or tired. However, this is a really gorgeous shade on the eyes and gives a really lovely effect.

Shade 75 - A light plum shade with silver glitter is one I've never had before also. I am really in love with the shade. The color pay off is amazing and looks great on the eyes. It's not overly shimmery either.

Shade 441 - This is a light purple but it's not matte or shimmer, its more of a pearly shade with blue and purple hues within it. It's a really fun color to include in an eye look and the pigmentation is really great!

Shade 31 - This is a sort of rose gold shade but has pink hues within it and a very very slight shimmer of silver too. It's a really unusual shade but I love it. Compliments many eye colors.

Here are the swatches 

The packaging of these palettes really stand out to me, on each corner of the palette and the lid are little circles which are magnets. This is the way the lid closes. I've not found this on any other palette, it's really unique. Also the palettes are really slim and not too bulky to carry around. 

I have also found that you can place the palettes on top of each other and they will stay together because of the magnets, this means if you are on the go you can keep both palettes together in one place.

And that's all the shades in my two palettes! I absolutely adore the colors I got, they are all different and unusual.

What do you think of the shades I got? 
Have you ever tried Inglot?

I hope you have a great weekend!

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