Top 5 Best Foundations

Monday, 15 September 2014

I love my base products so I have a lot of foundations. I picked out 5 different foundations in my collection that I love. 

I think I may do a series like this such as 'Top 5 concealers.. top 5 blushes.' etc. Let me know what you think, some input would be really nice! Lets get going with my fave foundations..

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 
This is a really amazing foundation, it's really lightweight and gives a perfect coverage. It's not too much but it's not sheer either. I love it for the days I don't want such a perfected base. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all and wears really well throughout the day. It has many radiance boosting properties so it's a great foundation to perk up the skin. I have oily skin and I find this to be really nice, it doesn't make my face look like a grease ball. This foundation retails for £10.99 online here or in stores.

Vichy DermaBlend 
Now this is a foundation that sometimes gets lost in my makeup collection. Considering it's a really great one I don't know why, I think it gets quite over shadowed by others I have. But everytime I see it and use it I fall straight back in love. It's such high coverage but isn't cakey at all. I love applying this with a beauty blender, it makes the base look super flawless. Since this foundation is £16 I think the packaging could be a little better.. it isn't the most glam looking bottle to be honest. Plus the shade selection isn't the best I have seen, very odd shades with some that are really similar too. Regardless it's a great foundation that lasts really well. You can find this at your local Boots store.

Maybelline Fit Me 
This is probably my favorite one out of the lot. I just find myself always reaching for it as it's the most perfect shade for my skin tone and it gives the best coverage ever. Paired with the concealer from the same line you get the most perfected base. It's one of those foundations you don't have to put effort into applying to make sure it looks good, you just know it will look flawless! Great for the days I'm in a rush to work. With a great primer underneath and a good powder over it you are definitely set for the day. The price of £7.99 it's so worth the money! You can find this in your local Boots store or online here.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid 
Another Maybelline foundation favorite. This is a really nice drugstore foundation due to the light, satin feel on the skin. It's a very buildable flawless foundation, medium to full coverage. I love applying this with my RT Buffing Brush, it gives a really flawless look. It also last well on the skin, on some days I do need to touch up throughout the day but it's nothing major. At £7.99 you really can't complain. You can find this at your local Boots or online here.

Clarins Ever Matte 
This being the most expensive foundation you would expect it to be the best, well you'd be right. You can definitely see the difference when you are applying it. It applies so easily and you really don't need a lot to cover the whole of your face. The only thing I don't particularly agree with is the scent, I can't really describe it but you can definitly smell the foundation when your applying it. It doesn't linger though which means I can let it slide, however if you don't like scented foundations then you won't like this. It's the ideal foundation for oily skin, as the name suggests it keeps your skin super matte throughout the day, you don't have to worry about your skin becoming oily. You can find this at any Clarins counter or online here for £27.

Thats it for my top foundations, these would definitley agree with you if you have oily/combination skin.
What are your favorite foundations?


  1. The only one I've tried out of the bunch is the Bourjouis healthy mix serum and I agree with you it's a great foundation! Really want to try out the Vichy Dermablend as I've heard great things x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Definitely try it out if you want a good full coverage foundation :) it's amazing! x