The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

Monday, 13 October 2014

I love trying out different makeup, it's the same with the tools I use. It's important to have good tools because even if you have the best makeup, without the brushes your not going to achieve the look you want. I'm going to talk about the makeup brushes I have found at a super affordable price.

You get 10 brushes for as little as £10.40 ... er, no brainer really! 5 big brushes for the face and 5 small for the eyes.

 These brushes are amazing quality, they are so soft and a dream to clean (Ooh that rhymed).  Just make sure you wash them before the first use, they do smell sort of gluey, it's strange. 

First up is a flat top kabuki type brush. This really reminds me of the RT Buffing Brush. It performs pretty much the exact same but for a fraction of the price. I use this to apply my foundation and I'm really loving the results!

Next is a tapered brush. I have been using this for contouring my cheeks, it fits really nicely in that area and because it's not too small it distributes the product seamlessly without streaks or any harsh lines. Sometimes I find small brushes can make the contour appear a little blotchy so I prefer to contour with a little bit of a larger brush so this one is perfect!

This brush is an angled brush but rounded, not completely flat. It's really nice to apply blusher onto the cheeks! The perfect size.

Now this is also an angled brush, but this one is flat not rounded like the one before. This is great for various things, bronzer/blusher or you could even try foundation too!

This is a rounded brush also really reminds me of the expert face brush by RT. It's a more dense brush compared to the others which means it's super perfect for foundation. This brush gives you more precision than the first brush I mentioned when it comes to applying your foundation, I feel it gives you more control.

This first brush is a rounded fluffy brush perfect for blending your eyeshadows

Next up, a flat top brush really great for stippling concealer on blemishes or under the eyes.

 This is a flat angled brush it's nice to blend out your concealer under the eyes because it fits really nicely also nice to blend around the nose or the inner corner of your eyes.

Due to the brush being tapered its perfect for applying eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

And finally this brush is a rounded angled brush also perfect for concealer or eyeshadow.

You can find these brushes on eBay for £10.40 here

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  1. These look really good! I actually think they quite similar to my Mac brushes and who can complain for £10.40! Cece Xx