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Monday, 12 January 2015

I live for nude lipsticks! I wear them on a daily basis.. for nights out, to work. You name it I have worn a nude lipstick. They are just so easy to wear I think thats why I lean more towards these types of lipstick than any other.

I am very lucky to have got this lipstick by a friend for Christmas. It's super gorgeous and just me all over! It applies super beautifully and isn't drying. Also lasts really great on the lips, I find I don't need to re-apply as often as I do other lipsticks.

Aside from the lipstick, I just want to admire the packaging for a moment.. It's so luxurious and elegant, I love the embossed TF on the lipstick itself and on the top of the lid. Just beautiful!

 This is a really great soft pink lipstick and super affordable. It's a dusty kind of pink, not at all like a barbie pink shade. It's easy to wear and I get compliments when I wear this. As all Topshop lipsticks they are super creamy and not at all drying I find this to be a great alternative to more expensive lipsticks.

This is an all time fave lipstick by mac, it's a little bit on the drying side to the rest of the lipsticks but if I wear lip balm underneath it wears completely fine. Lasts really long on the lips and compliments a wide array of skin tones.

I have loved this shade for years, it's the the best colour and perfect formulation. I know I can wear this with ease, any time of the year it looks great! I think this is in many peoples top lipsticks, it suits many different skin tones and it's just wonderful.

Again, another favourite from mac. I have been through so many tubes of this lipstick it's quite insane! It's always in my makeup bag without a doubt. I find it's the perfect nude for me as it's not pale, it doesn't wash me out as it has a slight pinky/peach hue to it. 

The second lippy by Topshop. It's from the sheer lips range. It looks pretty average in the tube and when you swatch it on the back of your hand but when you apply it onto your lips it gives a beautiful glow to the lips with a subtle sparkle which isn't visible it just makes your lips appear really plump! This is great for layering over different lipsticks to soften the colour or to add gloss.

I love this gloss! I never usually like lip glosses because they can be sticky and gloopy on the lips. This however is none of that, It applies really smoothly and doesn't feel thick on the lips. It's nicely pigmented and is nice alone or layered on top of nude lipsticks, I love wearing this with angel by mac.


  Left to right; Innocent, Myth, Hue, Angel, Hunky Dory, Nude Vanille & Turkish Delight.

Thanks for reading and please do let me know of any nude lipsticks you have I would love to try out some more. Not like I need any but hey... we only live once right?!

*Nails - Penguin Chic by Tanya Burr


  1. Such gorgeous colours, I'm so on the verge on getting Nars turkish delight and Topshop Innocent.
    Great post!!!

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