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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hi everyone, today i felt like expressing my love for some products in my life right now. They. Are. Great.

First up I'm going to talk about two eye favorites that I keep grabbing from my makeup collection, I have so many that this is a rare occurrence. Whilst I was in Rome in June I did some shopping, obviously! Shopping included just popping into a few makeup shops, you know... not to buy anything, just browse! Of course browsing just isnt the case when it comes to makeup, I had to get something! I stumbled accross this Italian makeup brand called Wjcon, never had heard of it but the shop itself looked really nice so I thought i'd go in and have a look, they had a wide range of lipsticks, eyeshadows, nails... anything you could imagine I just couldnt walk away and not get anything. I got this cream eyeshadow as the colour pay off really impressed me and so did the price.

 I didn't really think much of it I mean I have a lot of golden shadows so I thought this would be another average one added to the collection I already have but NO, I was mistaken, Oh boy I was! This shadow is packed full of golden beautiful-ness that when you apply it makes your eyes pop! You have a short few minutes to work with this after that it sets into place and it will not budge. I tested it out when I was out the whole day and it has serious staying power.

It cost me €6.90 
You can find this online on the Wjcon Website

Next up is the Nars Dual Intensity Shadow in Himilaya which I have previously talked about on my blog but since I've been using it all the time I just felt it needed another mention. It's the perfect golden shadow that you can use wet or dry, the Wycon cream shadow and this work well together, with this packed on top it intensify s the colour further if you want that added wow factor. 

This, as it is Nars is more expensive.. £21. I still can't believe I paid that for a single shadow, it's a lot of money but if you like luxury products and don't mind the price tag then I would definitely go for it, there's a wide range of colours that you can be sure to find one for you.

I love trying out different brands of skincare, especially the ones that you instantly see differences when using. I have been using this Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner as a night cream after my Serum. I received this travel size in my Glossybox and have been loving it so much. It makes my skin feel really smooth, I also love the way it sinks in to the skin really quickly. It seems to moisturize my skin but not overwhelm it, since my skin is oily I don't like thick night creams as they can be too much for my skin. I feel this makes my skin glow, which I can rarely find in products because my skin is so oily.

This is also quite a pricey product, the full size sets you back £69 for a 50ml bottle.
I don't know if I would purchase this full size, I think it's still early days to know, once I finish this sample I will see how my skin is and make the decision. 
You can find this online

Lastly is the ever so popular EOS lipbalms. I have quite the collection now.. I've jumped on the bandwagon thats for sure. I recently got this white and pink stripey one which is Coconut Milk I believe. It smells so amazing, one of the best yet. I like the EOS lip balms as they are easy to pop into your bag and look super cute when you apply them (I'm such a sucker for packaging) The lip balms are also great, very buttery and nourishing!

£7 in stores or online, you can find them at Urban Outfitters or Topshop.

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  1. Great products! Love the Nars eyeshadow!