Dream Product By Lush

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I love Lush, its one of my favorite brands for skin and body care. 

This is a dream product I had to tell you about simply because it's done wonders for my skin in such a little amount of time. I got this around the start of July and have been using it since. It's the Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser. I got this on a whim, i hadn't heard anything about this it just appealed to me in store and well the sales advisor lured me into buying it.

The idea of this is to take a small amount into your palm, add a small amount of water this will turn it into a paste that you can then apply it on your face to cleanse it thoroughly, it feels exfoliating on the skin which I like, it feels like its removing gunk from the skin. You may think when I say that its exfoliating it's harsh on the skin but it's the complete opposite, it's such a gentle cleanser that if you have sensitive skin you can be sure it won't irritate it what so ever. The Lavander Oil and Rose thats infused in this beauty calms the skin and the almonds will leave you with more toned and brightened skin. 

I have oily skin and this has balanced the oils, I don't get near enough as oily through the day as I did before I used this. I don't know whats in this that has made my skin so different but it really has worked wonders for me. I would definitley recommend getting this if you suffer from oiliness and you like the clean but not stripped skin feeling. I remember after the first use my skin felt instantly smoother and softer, I knew from then that I'd love it. Love, love, love!

£6.50 from any Lush store or online.

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  1. Great post! Love the Lush masks!