How to Achieve Fuller Looking Lips

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lips are a big factor in finishing off your whole makeup look and we all want them looking as full and plump as possible, with these simple tips you will easily achieve those pouty lips you have longed for!

1. Contour

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 Just like the rest of your face, you can Contour your lips! Unlike how time consuming contouring your cheeks or your nose can be, contouring your lips is the easiest and makes the world of a difference.

Right below your bottom lip you want to get a powder, a shade or two darker than your natural skin color and with a small brush apply the powder ever so slightly right under in a sort of half moon shape, you want to mimic the shadow you have under your lips already. Doing this will just enhance your lips natural shape instantly make them appear larger. Then you want to finish off with a slight highlight shade on your upper lip, (cupids bow)

Make sure not to apply much of these products as you are doing this so it makes your lips look naturally full, you don't want it to look obvious by applying too much, a little goes a long way, ALWAYS!

2. Lip Liner

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I know that you might not think that lip liner makes any difference but it does! You can actually make your lips look huge when you line them in lip liner.

A great way to further lip liner to enhance your lips, rather than just using one shade is to use two. Line the outer part of your lips in a darker shade then the middle with a lighter shade. After that, you want to slightly blend with your finger so its not as harsh. This is very similar to contouring as you are using a dark and light color. 
Light shades push areas forward whereas dark shades push them back, so applying the light against the dark shade will instantly make your lips look full and pouty!

Lip liner can also make your lipstick stay on so much longer, so it's an all round great lip product to use.

3. Avoid Dark Lipsticks

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You know how black is a really slimming color for your figure? Well, it's the same for your lips, dark colors generally make everything appear smaller than what they are. So if you want big lips steer clear of dark lip colors and opt for soft pink lips.

4. Shiny Lips

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Did you know that shiny lips actually look much fuller than they actually are? So after your lipstick (or even instead of your lipstick), why not slather on a bit of gloss to make your lips look super full! 

If your not a huge fan of lipgloss, you can just use it in the middle part of you lips instead of all over this will make them larger also.

5. Exfoliate

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When you are trying to make your lips look soft and super full, you've got to take the time and exfoliate them. 

You can make your very own DIY Lip Scrub which consists of brown sugar, honey and coconut oil, mix all ingredients together and voila.. you have your very own custom made lip scrub. 

Exfoliating increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.This works wonders girls and it's totally one of the best makeup tips to make lips look bigger!

Follow these steps and you'll be sure to have full, plump lips! 
Thanks for reading, I hope this helped!

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