The Natural, Easy Way To Remove Make-Up

Monday, 28 April 2014

Hey Everyone, 

I'm here to talk about the way I remove my makeup, the product I use is Coconut Oil. 

This way is so much more beneficial for your skin and it's a lot easier and cheaper than your standard branded makeup remover. 

When I started using makeup I remember removing makeup with just face wipes, which doesn't remove all your makeup fully. 
As I became more familiar I moved onto makeup removers, they done the job but they were very expensive to keep buying. 
So around a year and a half ago I did some research on more natural, cheaper ways to remove makeup and a lot of options came up, the one that stuck out to me was the coconut oil method.

All I use is Pure Coconut Oil which you can buy in any health store. Some people tend to remove only their eye makeup with this but I remove all, including foundation. This makes the whole process of removing makeup faster. 

What I do;

  • I begin by removing the makeup from my eyes, Coconut Oil removes even water proof mascara without you having to tug at your eyelashes.
  •  Then I move onto the rest of my face and in soft circular motions I massage it into my skin to melt the makeup away. 
  • After that I get a slightly damp cloth and wipe the coconut oil gently from my face & thats it, your makeup has disappeared in front of your very eyes! This way is a lot easier than having to mess around with a tonne of different expensive products.
  •  After I use the Coconut Oil I wash my face with my usual face wash just to be sure the Oil residue is washed off and any extra dirt is removed. Then continue with my usual skin care (Serum,Eye Cream,Moisturizer) 

Coconut Oil is great for the growth of Eyelashes and Eyebrows also so it's an ideal product to use. In the long run you will notice your skin is much softer and radiant.

Thanks for reading I hope this helped!

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