How I Fill In My Eyebrows

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I've done a post on how to know what your brows should look like and how to maintain the shape on a previous post, if you want to see click here

Today, I thought I'd show you how I do my eyebrows and how I get them the shape they are as I get some questions.

Its simple, lets get started!

First off, this is what my brow looks like with nothing on, nothing major wrong, I have a general shape I just tend to get sparse areas and I just feel like the eyebrow when filled in properly can complete the whole makeup look you are doing.

  • Comb through the brows with a brow brush to make sure they're neat and groomed properly. Then get an angled brush and an eyeshadow, the color I use is Charcoal Brown by MAC. I use powder as it gives the most natural finish.

  • I start by drawing a line at the bottom of my brow following where it naturally goes. I don't start right at the beginning as it can make the brow look very dark and this can appear fake, we want the makeup we apply on our face to look natural and enhance what we already have, not mask it and make it appear too much! I think the front of the brow should always be lighter than the rest of the brow this way it wont make the brow appear like a block of color, instead it will look blended and subtle. 

  • Next up, I take Charcoal Brown and brush it lightly through the whole of my brow, some people line the top part of the brow like they do the bottom but I feel that this can sometimes come up a little too harsh so I don't do this. Once I have filled the brow in I take whatever is left on my brush and lightly fill the front, this will fill in any sparse areas but not too harshly.

  • I have recently been loving to extend the 'tail' as everyone calls it, basically the end of the brow. I only extend it the tiniest bit, this just makes the end go thinner and to a point which brings the whole eyebrow together.

  • I like to finish up by applying some concealer right under my brow as this will make the area under the brow clean and the brow will appear very neat. Also if you happened to forget to pluck your eyebrows the night before, the concealer will hide those pesky little hairs!!

Heres the finished result! It looks really subtle and neat I believe and I am really happy with the way it turns out when I do it this way.

I thread my brows every few weeks to maintain the shape, in between this I do pluck them aswell as some hairs can show up unwanted before that time.

That's it! It's so simple but makes such a difference.

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